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ARB Intensity Solis 36 LED Spot Light



Filled with features, Intensity Solis driving lights are available in a Spot or Flood beam which come with interchangeable red and black die-cast side bezels.

New to the Intensity range is the Solis’ 5-stage dimmability function, while the introduction of a highly tuned single-piece reflector and 165 watts of OSRAM LED performance bring it to the top of the class in light output.


The combination of 6x 10 watt and 30x 4 watt performance OSRAM LEDs with a highly tuned reflector design has brought the Intensity Solis to the top of the class in light output.

Measured as a pair of spot beams, the Solis boasts 1 lux @ 1462 metres. Individually, a single flood beam will achieve 1 lux @ 729 metres while one spot beam has an impressive 1032 metres throw.

Lights this bright need some level of containment, which is why Intensity Solis lights are sold standard with a 5-stage dimmability switch.

The ability to dim driving lights is perfect for when you’re approaching highly reflective road signs and is also really effective in low visibility scenarios (such as dust).


While the Solis’ light output figures are impressive, what the light really offers the driver is so much greater!

The ultimate goal when designing a driving light is to get two light patterns, one spot and one flood, that offer light where you actually need it. To be most effective, a driving light needs to light the areas of the road and surrounds that match the terrain and driving style. Your driving lights need to be effective either as a matching pair (of spots or floods) or as a combination (one spot and one flood). Creating a light pattern that shines the furthest doesn’t always mean the light is useable – let alone optimal.

Driving lights need to have good central light and shouldn’t have harsh edges, but rather a good feathering of light that bleeds off. Additionally, the light should not be too white as it can cause additional eye strain for the driver, nor should the light throw too much intensity onto the foreground directly in front of the vehicle.

ARB Intensity Driving lights (V2 and Solis) are tuned to provide the optimum offering to suit the above criteria.


The squat shape of the new light better suits bull bar pan mounting and helps with lowering the centre of gravity of the lights, making them more stable with less oscillation and vibrating which puts less stress on light and bull bar mounting components (including tabs where applicable).

The Solis light is mounted in an all-black, vertical-pivoting adjustable, cast aluminium cradle.

Looking at the side profile, ARB engineers have shaped the heat sink casting with a narrower section at the top of the light and a wider section towards the base. The result? A large light which fits a wide variety of applications with more room to fit in front of big tubes, like what is used on ARB Summit Sahara bull bars.

Requires ARB Wiring Loom SJBHARN


Input                                                                   10 – 30V
Power                                                                 165W
Current Draw                                                  12.4A @ 13.2V
Output – Raw                                                    18,178 lumens
Output – Effective                                           9,546 lumens
1 Lux Reading                                                     1,032m
Spread                                                                6 degrees
Input Cable Length                                        450mm
Operating Temperature (°C)                     -40°C to +65°C
Operating Temperature (°F)                     -40°F to -149°F
Colour Temperature                                    5700 Kelvin
Weight                                                               3.3kg (7.27lbs)
Connector                                                        4-pin AT – waterproof plug
Dimensions (mm)                                        225mm (w) x 220mm (h) x 120mm (d)
Dimensions (inches)                                   8.9″ (w) x8.7″ (h) x 4.7″ (d)
Warranty                                                         3 years