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ARB Slide Kitchen



Whether at the campsite, the local park, the job site, or even the side of the road, enjoy the ease of a fully-functioning kitchen, wherever you and your 4WD are headed.

Featuring a three-burner stove, sink, and ample bench space, ARB’s fully freestanding Slide Kitchen can be set up in as little as 15 seconds, offering practicality for any tourer. Beyond being one of the most practical features for any 4WD, the Slide Kitchen boasts an innovative user-friendly design.


Designed to integrate with ARB drawer installations, the Slide Kitchen features the same dimensions as ARB’s full height 1045mm deep large wagon modular drawer profile. The Slide Kitchen is designed to fit right in alongside ARB’s roller (RF), mid-height (RFH) or full-height (RD/RDRF) large wagon drawers. The Wagon Slide Kitchen takes only 15 seconds to set up or pack up! Simply pull the mechanical latch and roll the stainless steel bench out. Once fully extended, the bench locks into place, and you can choose to operate the kitchen as as a simple bench top and drawer, or keep sliding out the stainless steel top to reveal the three-burner stove. For the full setup, simply clip on the sink and spice rack and utilise the full Slide Kitchen. The fully retractable over extension roller design provides complete clearance of the vehicle. Once the bench is fully extended and locked into place, it sits completely freestanding, without need for a support leg.


The perfect space for meal preparation, the kitchen-grade stainless steel benchtop also features a handy spice rack for storing condiments and hooks to hang tea towels or utensils. Under the slide-out bench, the aluminium powder-coated utensils drawer is lightweight and offers plenty of space to store your ‘must-have’ cooking utensils and kitchen essentials.



  • Main benchtop measures  930mm (l) x 505mm (w)
  • Sliding separate top measures 605mm (l) x 505mm (w)
  • 304-grade stainless steel
  • Locks into place when fully extended
  • Hairline stainless pattern matches the stove finish
  • Engineered alloy extruded over extension runners, provides support freestanding
  • Main stainless surface can hold a maximum weight of 25kg (closed) and 10kgs (open) spread evenly across the top
  • All user interaction components highlighted in red to help guide setup



  • Internal space measures 450mm (d) x 290mm (w) x 110mm (h)
  • Convenient space to store your gas hose and collapsible sink

Note: utensils rack is not included.


The contemporary design of the three-burner Thetford stove includes one large 2.5kW rapid burner and two smaller 1.75kW burners with flame-out technology, as well as a tempered glass lid doubling as a handy protective splashback for when the stove is in use.


  • Thetford Argent 3 burner MK3 stove
  • One large 2.5kW rapid burner and two smaller 1.75kW burners
  • Battery-powered (electric ignition) igniter offering a total of 6kW (20,472BTU)  cooking power
  • Toughened glass lid also doubles as a splashback while the stove is in use
  • Recessed stainless-steel dish for wind protection and easy clean-up
  • Automatic ‘flame-out’ safety function instantly cuts the gas and flame if the lid is closed or the flame is extinguished
  • Gas delivered via a quick-connect bayonet gas connector. A 1.2m quick-connect bayonet POL fitting with regulator included
  • 20kg loading
  • Suitable gas: LPG and ULPG


A place to quickly clean your utensils, plates, bowls and pots, the drop-in 7L collapsible silicone sink also doubles as a dish drying rack and includes a removable plug and handy utensils holder.


  • 7L collapsible silicone sink with plug.
  • 10kg sink loading, rated to 90°C
  • Can be stored in the utensils drawer when collapsed
  • Sink can be flipped to either side of the stove for use.

Slide Kitchen Specifications:


  • Exterior: 1045mm (l) x 530mm (w) x 280mm (h)
  • Stainless Benchtop Total: 930 (l) x 505mm (w)
  • Large Stainless Benchtop Section: 605mm (l) x 505mm (w)
  • Small Stainless Benchtop Section: 325mm (l) x 505mm (w)
  • Internal Small Drawer: 450mm (d) x 345mm (w) x 145mm (h)
  • Optional Replacement Drawer: 290mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 110mm (h)


Approximately ~72kgs

Stove Specifications:

  • Stove-top: Thetford Argent 3 Burner MK3 stove. Made in England, AGA approved
  • Burners: 2x 1.75kW and 1x 2.5kW. 6kW total burners (20,472 BTU)
  • Quick connect: AGA approved and sourced POL hose 1.2m with approved regulator
  • Suitable gas: LPG and ULPG
  • Load rating: 20kg

Collapsible Sink Specifications:

  • 7L capacity
  • Sink platform is preloaded to handle up to 10kg of weight
  • Pop up sink rated to up to 90°C

Benchtop specifications:

  • 304 stainless steel kitchen-grade
  • Main stainless surface can hold a maximum weight of 25kg spread evenly on top