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Heavy Vehicle Safety

AutoKraft Electrical and Diesel is the New Zealand distributor and installer for the MAX-SAFE Maximum SafetyTM range of heavy vehicle safety solutions.

MAX-SAFE safety solutions are developed by Australian company, SGESCO-MAX. They have been providing heavy vehicle safety solutions – including many Australian firsts – for over 20 years. Our Managing Director, Gary Puklowski, had the opportunity to work for SGESCO-MAX in Australia in the early 2000s and is pleased to be able to bring these much-needed solutions to New Zealand.


The range includes solutions for:

  • Anti-Rollaway– active braking systems for when handbrakes are not applied properly
  • Blind Spot Monitoring– so a driver can have 360-degree view of their vehicles. (With trucks today at least 90 degrees is obscured)
  • Vulnerable Road Users– to protect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists near heavy vehicles, warn drivers and take actions
  • Speed Limiting– ensuring speed limits on work sites and roads are complied with
  • RPM Control– improving safety, fuel and operational efficiency of idling vehicles
  • Occupant Safety – knowing that bus / transport vehicles seat belts are buckled.
  • Driver Behaviour– monitor and improve on poor driver behaviour for better safety
  • Fleet Management– unmatched insight and control of heavy vehicle safety.

Several products deliver these solutions as part of the MAX-SAFE Safety Eco-SystemTM. This is a best of breed, holistic safety solution giving fleet managers the ability to deliver safety outcomes like never before. Elements can be progressively added as budgets permit.

Increasingly, these solutions, and the safety measures they deliver, are being required by construction and engineering companies as part of contract safety requirements for major infrastructure projects.


MAX-SAFE Maximum Safety solutions work on any light rigid or heavy vehicle over 4.5 tonnes, from tippers to trucks to semi-trailers, to graders and even busses.

It is suitable for nearly every industry including: Transport and logistics, public utilities, forestry, road and building construction, council vehicles and buses, waste management companies, mining and agriculture, emergency services, warehouse and materials handling. (They even have forklift solutions.)

In Australia thousands of vehicles rely on MAX-SAFE solutions every day, including waste and recycling giants, Suez and Cleanaway, and emergency service vehicles like Rural Fire Brigades.

Here, in New Zealand, the utilities company, Connetics, and the cement giants, Allied Concrete and Firth Concrete, use the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System TM.


Popular products include:

  • MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System TM 
    MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch® 
  • MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch Hook-Lift Option TM
  • MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch Trailer Option TM
  • MAX-SAFE Seatbelt Warning System TM
  • MAX-SAFE Side Watch TM
  • MAX-SAFE Corner Watch TM
  • MAX-SAFE Front Watch TM
  • MAX-SAFE Seatbelt Warning System TM
  • MAX-SAFE Forklift Safety Products TM
  • MAX-SAFE Speed Limiting TM
  • MAX-SAFE Location Speed Limiting TM
  • MAX-SAFE Engine RPM Control TM
  • MAX-SAFE Audible Warning TM


Get in touch with Autokraft Electrical & Diesel to discuss your heavy vehicle safety challenges. There are many innovations and benefits to the MAX-SAFE MAXIMUM SAFETY range.
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