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Terminated Engine Harness GM LS GEN3/4



Terminated Engine Harness to cover a wide range of GM LS Engine Variations.


Please note that due to the large number of Engines supported it may require user modification for some applications, see Installation Manual or Contact Links Tech Support team to confirm suitability for your Engine.

PCLink start up MAPs available for both Gen3 and Gen4 LS (See below for download)

Engines Supported

Gen 3 LS1/LS6
Gen 4 LS2/LS3/LS7*

Compatible ECUs

G4X StormX (Cable Operated Throttle Body)

G4X XtremeX (Cable Operated and Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body)

See features tab and installation manual for further details.

*Notes for use with Gen 4 Engines

1.    A cam sensor harness extension will be needed to accommodate the Gen 4 LS front mounted cam sensor.
2.    A small modification is required to the crank sensor connector. See “crank connector” section in installation manual for details.
3.    Injector Connector Adapters to USCar connector will be required for most Gen 4 Engines. Check your injector connector to confirm. Use Link PN 101-0287
4.    To support Gen 4 factory knock sensors you will require the Link LS Gen 4 Knock Adapter Loom (PN 101-0306)
5.    To support the factory Gen 4 MAP sensor you will require a Link LS Map Adapter Loom plus a Gen 3 to Gen 4 MAP sensor extension harness (alternatively you can use a Link MAP sensor which is directly supported by the harness)

Gen3 PCLink MAP Files

Gen3 Cable Throttle Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX
Gen3 DBW Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX


Gen4 PCLink MAP Files

Gen4 Cable Throttle Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX
Gen4 DBW Base Map for G4X XtremeX/StormX




Online Instruction Manual


•    Supports both cable operated (using LS Stepper Adapter Loom) and Drive-by-Wire Throttle Bodies (using LS DBW Loom)
•    Features a powered DTM4 CAN Connector compatible with Link CAN Accessories and Cables
•    Bosch 2 pin EV1/Junior Timer Injector Connectors (Supports factory injectors – Use injector adapter Link PN 101-0287 if you have injectors with the USCar connector)
•    Supports factory 7 Pin Coil Harness Connector
•    Supports Link MAP Sensors (Use LS Map Adapter Loom to support factory Gen 3 MAP Sensor)
•    Supports F Body Alternator (AC Delco PN 3351075)